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There are very few renovation projects that will require patience, and sometimes a lot, but kitchens & bathrooms are two of them. When designing these types of spaces there are many decisions that need to be made and often require an extensive amount of “hand holding” and design time. With that said, the first step is establish your wish list as to what you would like for the new space. Do you want a full tiled shower or fiberglass? Would you like stained cabinetry or painted? There can be a large variation in price with these types of projects. In some cases tens of thousands so it’s very important to establish a budget from the beginning. At that point we would ask for a retainer to cover all of the leg work and design time required for the project. Some simple bathroom projects do not require a retainer if we are just swapping out fixture for fixture kind obathroom remodelf thing but more times than not the projects are more involved. Kitchen & Bathroom projects can vary greatly in the amount of time needed for completion so you want to plan accordingly. If you only have one bathroom you would want to make the necessary accommodations to essentially move out during construction as it would not be practical for you to stay at the house, although in the past clients have used the facilities at their local to gym to shower. As far as a kitchen renovation you may opt for us to install a temporary kitchen in the house especially if you have little ones. Eating out is not only expensive but can get old pretty quick. When we start a Kitchen or Bathroom project it is literally one at a time so we GET IN & GET OUT!

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